Our Figma template was hard rejected, please share some suggestions with us

Hi Everyone,

We have uploaded a figma template and it was rejected with following comments:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “TigCom | Appointment Management Figma Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Could you please tell us the reason for rejection and what we need to improve to get it approved?


I suppose you didn’t delete images from the template. Placeholders should replace all images.

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. We will update this change and will try uploading this template file again.

Some more suggestions: try to avoid strokes for buttons (it’s 's old-fashioned), little bit strange color combinations (try to grasp color pallets from Dribble or use Adobe Color), some buttons didn’t centered properly and have different distance between elements (but I could be mistaken you showed your template in presentation mode so I can’t measure it).

In my opinion, the template looks quite dated. The layout may be good, but you need to focus primarily on typography and color. Pay attention to the leading, the space between the icon and the text.

Typography looks bad in most components. For example, a very large line spacing and a 2x smaller margin. Apply it the other way around, increase the margin and decrease the leading, I think this will improve the appearance of the component.

Match the icons. It looks quite random and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, there is a lot to think about.

Why not create a logo that would match the template and look more aesthetically pleasing?

I think this project looks more like a mockup than a final template to a reviewer.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll check and fix the quality-related and other issues in our next submission, and we’ll definitely show some improvement.


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Hey there! You seem to be good at pinpointing issues in templates! If you have time, Can you please check my figma template a bit?! I’d be really grateful! Here’s the link https://www.figma.com/file/kqxJCpRKoXRBx7S1xCiQnK/ThemeForest-Project(NFT-MARKETPLACE)?node-id=0%3A1

Hello, I can tell you what I think about it, no problem :slight_smile:

So at first glance, it would be nice to organize all the frames, maybe on one line? Now it is somehow sorted but not arranged. The frames are scattered and you need to control it to focus.

In the design itself, it seems to me that the fonts are too small. In some cases definitely too small, for example user name in components.

The section titles are good, although the texts below them seem very close to the title but have too much line spacing.

The entire header on the home page is too tight for me. I think the menu, title, search engine, button and the 3 images below it are too approximate.

Would you like to change the logo? maybe you need to change or delete the rectangle you placed under the text?

I think that some subpages, such as “Items on auction”, require some refinement. My point is that there is little contrast between the component and the background which causes it to blend together.

A similar problem is in the “Docs” views - here all elements look like they have one background and it’s hard to distinguish the component from the background.

The layout itself seems to be good, although the colors and typography need to be improved. Also analyze the icons, they look like they are from different packages, and it would be better to use similar ones in the same size.

There are similar problems in the Light version. I think this project has a good star but needs a lot of improvement.


Thank you very much for your recommendations! Really helpful for me! So I was wondering a thing that, Do themeforest review teams reject items mainly based on design preference or there are a lot more criteria to measure the quality? As I’ve seen some UI templates would look like they’re designed by some entry-level designers with little design knowledge(not to judge :P). But their products get approved apparently. It really got me thinking what are the actual criterions they use to judge. Their hard rejection is really confusing as they do not even seem to provide any informations to atleast fix the problems

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Hello, I’m glad I could help.

As for the reviewers themselves, it’s hard to say what exactly is going on? You’re right, some templates have been approved but they shouldn’t be there :slight_smile: Sometimes I look at the templates in the UI Templates category and I really wonder why the “X” template was approved if it looks either designed by a beginner or an old template designed years ago.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what else can I do for you. Overall, I think you have to try to upload such a template and you will see for yourself if it was approved.

Either way, the main problem with your template is the color scheme that has too little contrast between the elements. Also refine the icons and typography.


Hi Bro,

Fonts and font styles are very bad. Bad choice of fonts. Font sizes are also bad. Colors are not trendy.

See the other NFT Templates

Modern, clean and minimal.
The texts are legible. The colors look modern. The design is stylish.

You can do better. Don’t break your hope. You can do it.

I trust Themeforest and its staff. They care about quality work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi everyone,
I have one question about using images where i could get the NFT-related free images? Do you have any specific library for the image? Could I use any images for the showcase? and when I upload the main file I will remove the images.

Hi… We have corrected most of the issues and resubmitted the template. But it got rejected. If you could check the updated link [Figma] and share us your suggestions for how to get it approved. It would be really helpful for us to improve further.

@tigeen give me access

Access given

@tigeen My observations are as follows:

  1. I would recommend a Frame resolution of 1920x1080 px
  2. All the components you use in this project are missing.
  3. Typography doesn’t look good. You need to look at this and fine-tune things like headlines and more.
  4. Focus on the light version, this dark version is not very user friendly, especially the eyes.
  5. Try to include some logos. Don’t put a picture and the words “Brand name” because it’s ugly in every way. Name this template and give it a logo. It may consist of typography alone.
  6. Some dashboard icons look outdated and mismatched.
  7. Pie charts that contain percentages don’t look good. You need to remove these percentages or use other solutions.
  8. In the calendar you have green text and green background set to 10%, while next to it in the next field you have blue text and the background is still green. This should probably be blue, set to 10% the same as green.
  9. Titles, buttons, pagination, it all needs improvement. On the left side of the panel you have a nice “Patients” button, but on the right side there is an ugly “Add patient” button. Why don’t these buttons have one style for everyone? Probably because you didn’t create any component that is responsible for it.
  10. The “Patient” tab doesn’t look very good. It’s chaos there.
  11. The username in the upper right corner looks bad. This caption and picture together make an ugly component. Polish the typography.

In general, I have the impression that this template was assembled from several different ones. Or it was created by at least 2 different people who have a little and a big idea about design.

Some elements look good, while others look like someone inexperienced did it.

I think before you upload another template to ThemeForest, do some more work on it. Create a daily design challenge for yourself. Learn how to make style guides and components. Familiarize yourself with typography. See what is currently being sold, what is the trend…

Good luck!

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@artbart can you please Help me

i make a cryptocurrency mobile app ui design in Figma please checkout this design and tell me any type issue
mostly time my design are Hard Rejected so please help,


Hello, thanks for your message.

I don’t want to upset you, but your design is very simple and repetitive. It took me a dozen or so seconds to look through this template and I don’t really see anything here that could be innovative or distinctive.

Your fonts are too small. I think the minimum font size is 16 px, and besides, I’m not impressed by your design.

I’m sorry, but I keep my fingers crossed for the next projects!

Thanks for your Reply @artbart
Can you give me suggestion…

can i change Font size in all screen ?
Please give Suggestion…

this is my Friend design Hommie Furniture Sketch and Figma Mobile App UI Kit Preview - ThemeForest which is live on Envato Market

Here is row file https://www.figma.com/file/i4ucx2aQbmcqbiYCAxIbcd/RefUI-Kit?node-id=0%3A1&t=U6A1xUDQy7AhOGGi-1

Please Artbart Give me BEST SUGGESTION

@dineshtelsys To me, all mobile apps look very similar.

Your template is very similar to the one you present, so it was rejected because there are many the same and yours is nothing special.

Maybe try to create something different, something unique? This is a challenge because mobile apps have very limited screens and should be as simple as possible, so here comes a big problem. At least that’s the impression I get.

Maybe create a website template, additionally creating views for the mobile version?

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