Themeforest Quality Standard

Hi, i just was hard rejected on Figma templates UI.
I really follow all the rules about quality, buyed other templates in the same nich to research and readed the page about the quality trying to understand why am i rejected.
Can someone with experience look to my template and send me some followup about you opinion?
The effort to be a good author was big studing and getting better.
I do not know everything but i´m open to learn where i was worng and be better author.
Thanks everyone.
The template can be found here:

Thankyou everyone

Hey, Outdated Design. I suggest you can improve design.

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Hi Spruko.
Thankyou about your feedback.
This maybe be a light where can i focus on.
Is there any reference that could you help me to seek new tendendes of design? Blog? Article?

You can check latest updated designs. There is not available any specific reference. But you can try to follow the latest design trends. After some experience you will won finally. After that you will understand everything.

I’m looking for a fairly standard and fast corporate template.
for this site:

Have you looked to my template?
Do you have intention to acquire?
Lets talk

This serves you? It’s from the HTML category: Corporate Website Template Website Templates | ThemeForest