My First Figma UI template got rejected

Hello Guys,

I started designing for ThemeForest and my template got rejected. Can you please check this and give me some advice that how I can improve it? These are few screens of my product.

The concept is so over done and with respect often coded and to a higher standard.

If you are trying to break into the design only space then it has to be original, bring a lot of unique and premium features, and flawless in design. Otherwise who is going to pay to buy/code it?

Aside from the concept being quite familiar and outdated, there are design basics issues with repeated icons and content, spacing esp in the events section, typography generally esp font choices, line height and hierarchy, and more


Hi, This is outdated UI & UX I suggest you can check latest uploaded ui templates. I suggest don’t target to upload you can target to quality. Because in case uploaded who is purchased this template ? Anyone wants to more quality templates.

You can spend more time for learn more ui skills and follow tha latest updated designers patterns.