Figma one page rejected. Need help!

Hello. I’m trying to understand how I can get better, but “This item does not meet the quality standard required” is not helping much. Any help from you guys would be much appreciated, thank you!

Figma one page

I don’t see any obvious design flaws, but it’s overall a very standard layout and design. My best guess is that this is likely the reason for the rejection.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other templates that do all of this and more, so the main issue is commercial value. It’s not a bad design, it’s just been done too many times before.

When designing for a client, it’s usually okay or even encouraged to go with the standard route, but when designing for a marketplace, such as ThemeForest, customers are going to be scrolling through A LOT of themes before finding one that sticks out to them, and you want yours to be the one that sticks out. Try to come up with an entirely unique idea and work from there. I highly recommend trying something that’s a bit more niche, because not only will there be less themes made for it, but it could also spark some ideas on how you could bring something new to a more general category.


Thanks so much for taking the time to write this answer which gives me a different perspective and I will try to apply these tips to my next design.

I really appreciated your response. and I would love to have more advices from you guys. Thank you all

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It looks really good and clean but very official and missing the final touch that makes it differ from other items, I would say get more crazy a little bit with it.

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