What error my design ui/ux figma? I need feedback before submit themeforest.


What error my design ui/ux figma? Please give me feedback, thank you.

Color/font combination as start as the first thing anyone could notice.
It’s really bad choice of mix ( especially the colors )

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background shade of blue is not easy on the eye

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Thank you, I will to change the colors

@ki-themes @joaofereirapinturas

What more error my design?

It’s not one or two small things, the design approach is not good.
You need to learn the basics of the design ( web ) first then practice. With this approach, you will be getting nothing but rejection

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Where design error? please show me screenshots.

Just find similar items already approved on the marketplace ( from 2022/2023 ) and compare it with yourself to see the differences and how it’s been managed better ways.

Look for Google for web design typo tutorials and color management

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Thank you, I will to make other template, regards.