What "Onfido" is?

I received a letter to verify the identity. I already did it years ago for Envato. Who can tell what this means?

Onfido is a company specialized in ID verification. They use algorithms to verify selfie pics against photos from ID documents.

Looks like Envato is using their service. Though you should make sure this is not phishing before clicking on that link. Maybe you should ask Envato’s support to see if this is legit.

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This is fishy. Can’t really imagine Envato would not reach out to you before some 3rd party service gets involved. I mean, anyone can claim to act on Envato’s behalf. Are you sure you did not get some message from Envato with regards to this?

No I didn’t. It seemed strange to me too.

Honestly, I can.

But you are right, they should have sent a heads-up first.

In that case I would not do anything before Envato confirms they are behind it. In which case it would be still completely inacceptable business practice.

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Looks fishy, better to contact support first. :thinking:

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