Anybody emailed Envato about asking for ID checks?

Just wondering if anybody has taken the step to actually email Envato to ask for ID checks? Or has everybody just shouted into the eternal void that is the forums?

I’m pretty confident that this will a very live issue in the internal discussions that take place within Envato. However, until a definitive decision is taken on where things are going on ID checks I doubt if anyone officially working for Envato will say anything about it on the forums.

Look TenRooms. I’ve seen that you’re a member for not too long here, so let me clarify this: Posting a thread which gets supported and updated regurarly by a majority of Authors and which is visible to the enitre staff is more worth here than a support e-mail which will get seen by one support member and passed along eventually, if ever.

You did it, what was the support response? Exactly.

I’m sure Envato is aware of this issue. Let’s not forget, it’s in their interest to tackle fraudulent behaviour on the marketplaces. And in the end I appreciate a working feature that comes later more than a buggy feature that comes as soon as possible.

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It has already been done:

Hey, I’m not trying to rock the boat. I’ve just never seen any admin ever post in here for the 6 months I’ve been on AJ and I thought that it might have more of an impact to contact Envato than to have a massive thread in the forum. True that they’ve been non-responsive when they emailed me back but if enough people contact a company, they usually respond eventually. That was my thinking.



Sorry @KingDog, I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s just with all these endless threads on theft, ID checks, multiple accounts and copy and paste music, nobody from Envato’s ever said anything. Do you have any insider knowledge?

I have no knowledge about anything…at any time :smiley:

I would say the Help Team’s response would be the most current, that it’s not something we’re working on at the moment…but who knows what the future will bring?