What is this website? There is also my job?

What is this twisted web site where work of artists from Envato?
Here is my latest work, which will not even sell!
Anyone know anything?

Please don’t post links to those sites and advertise it to your potential customers. :slight_smile:
There’s probably hundreds of them - what can you do about it?
Legally, the sites do not have to comply with DMCA either, since they don’t actually host the files, but rather share a link to multiple file sharing sites with the file.

A new product released and within a week there can be copies on over 200 different sites like that. You can spend a day taking it all down, but a month later and they’re all back. What can you do about it?

People who want to go the legal route can go the legal route. People who don’t want to go the legal route and use it for commercial reasons regardless, well, you can have some fun with that when the time comes.

I suggest editing your post and removing that link. Thanks.