Hi everyone!!
Some items of my another account and other people video,graphic template in free download sites.
Is it right?
They are stealing our sales. if Envato take down all template of free download sites, Our sales are increasing little bit.
What should We do?

I think you can report the site through their support. But it’s just an endless war, because they will always grow :confused:


It’s really like a public secret. Everyone knows about it, everyone knows it’s illegal, but really you can’t do anything about it. It’s the same as with movies, games, music… etc… the original creators are always concerned about making it secure. In a simple terms there may be a ten or a hundred heads trying to think of a way to make a product secure, but there are millions of heads thinking how to crack that security. It’s just an unfair fight. You can always report a link with illegal content and if you get luck they will take down that link, but it’s a matter of days or even hours before there is a new link with same content.


you have just one choice , always update your best selling projects.

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Thank you! It’s better choice