What is this Sells Reversal ?

Can anyone tell me, what is the sells Reversal ? I have two times. today and Last month
Will this problem to my account ? Please tell me anyone know fix this problem

Here you go…

a disaster that we would all avoid lol this is linked to failure of payment in most cases or some customers supposedly not satisfied with the purchase … and that Envato authorized

That bit’s not quite true. Envato have no say in the matter.

when they decide a refund , i think that they do all the same … but surely not in case of stolen credit card and other issues , i mentioned only when this is a satisfaction thing indeed and u are also right it seems that they do not always allow too

That’s a refund though. A sales reversal has nothing to do with Envato. It’s decided by the buyer (or the owner of the payment method) and approved by the payment provider (Paypal, card company, bank etc). Whether it’s related to theft, or dissatisfaction doesn’t matter, it’s not been approved by Envato.

If it’s a refund then it will say a refund, and then it is down to Envato… but they’re unlikely to issue a refund for dissatisfaction, unless there’s something wrong with the item.

Sorry to be pedantic, but it’s an important difference… i.e if it says ‘refund’ then Envato have approved it (or the author these days), and if it’s ‘reversal’ then Envato haven’t approved it.

so they should never have , as they are reviewing items … and that quality is controlled professionally

In most cases, yes, but there can be exceptions. But that’s a different barrel of otters entirely.