What is the Themeforest review queue length now?


I submitted my first html template 7 days ago and still no answer. Do you guys know the exact review queue time for themeforest?

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Hi @nucro! Just took a look for you. It’s still safe in the queue, don’t worry - just hasn’t been processed yet. The queue looks pretty big. Best of luck! :thumbsup:


@scottwills surprisingly the theme review queue message has dissappeared on my dashboard and there are no rejection or approvement mail in my inbox. what is going on? :confused:


I just checked again and it looks like a reviewer reviewed your item about 15 minutes ago. Please check your e-mail (and spam folder in case the e-mail went in there) to see the response. :thumbsup:


Hard reject it is :confused:


Yeah, submitted a theme 8 days ago too. Still waiting.


Hi @DarSider, the wait is over soon :slight_smile:
I had to wait 10 days :slight_smile:


Hope it will be at least a soft-reject xD


Me, it is soft rejected, I submitted a third time, fingers crossed :slight_smile:


How much did they took to review the 2nd submittion ?


The first two submissions were very fast, but it’s been there two days I expect, I hope I do not have to wait 10 days :slight_smile:
And besides, it will perhaps even soft rejected again.


Write here the link :stuck_out_tongue:


How the soft rejects are reviewed? Are they put again back to the queue?


I think i lost the track of how long i’ve been waiting…


@DarSider, here is the link to the demo, it’s a personal blog theme http://khothemes.com/preview/kong/
All reviews are good to take :slight_smile:

@crelegant, I think that’s another waiting list for the two first were very quick.


I submitted a theme 9 days ago too and still waiting.


My theme is reviewed after 11 days and hard reject. So sad


Will there be any improvement for this waiting process?
Will you hire more staff?

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Submitted a very simple 404 page 8 days ago, still no answer…


12 days :joy:

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