Themeforest HTML template uploading


How much does it take to review a HTML template? I uploaded one 8 days ago and it’s still queued for review!

I know there are other templates hard to review and etc, but this is a simple Coming soon template. What takes so long?


8 days average - so should hopefully be done within the next 48 hours but it’s weekend so won’t be till Monday / Tuesday at earliest

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Oh, thanks. Now I hope to be accepted… Thanks a lot!

Hi Andrew,

Did they finally get to reviewing your submission or you’re still waiting for an answer from the review team?

It’s been 15 days so far since I submitted my first HTML template and I’m still waiting to hear a word from them. I think the process is taking so long.

Are you guys seeing similar waiting times for your Site Templates to what Andrew and I are witnessing?


Do something else, don’t think about it. review times are unpredictable.

14 days left no review like you.

11 days passed

13 days and still waiting but I think I’m gonna die… If it will be refused I think I’m giving up here :slight_smile:

@scriptsbundle It took 11 days for your template? Btw, it looks awesome.

No, 11 days passed and still in review.
the template that was approved recently took more than 15 days and than 4 times soft reject with 3 to 4 days re submission each time.
So, be patience . :slight_smile:

I think that over the last 24 hours, there was only 1 new HTML template approved and that’s very disappointing.