What is the right licence/ audience size for a podcast?

I’ve found an item that I want on AudioJungle to use in the podcast I’m releasing. I’m trying to decide on the right licensing for it.

For the release, I don’t think I need a license for more than 1 million listeners, but the licenses say that you need to buy for potential audience. Does that mean I need to buy the biggest license because potentially I could reach billions of people?

Thanks in advance!

Podcast apply to YOUR TARGET audience, I think you have to have data on the number of its audience, Yes, potentially there may be a billion, but you buy a license for the calculated number of people.
Maybe here you’ll find the answers to your questions

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Potential audience is a concern for broadcast licenses only. Broadcast means TV or radio, it doesn’t include podcasts.

You want to get the Music Standard license which allows up to 10 000 downloads. If your podcast gets downloaded more than 10 000 times, you’ll then need to contact Envato support to “upgrade” your license to the Music Mass Reproduction License which allows unlimited downloads. If you already know your podcast will be downloaded more than 10 000 times then you should get the mass reproduction license right away.

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Thanks, that really clears things up! Happy I asked before purchasing the biggest license!


Thanks for the reply VMV!

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This helps me too from a previous thread! Thank you!

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