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I just accidentally have found my music in TV commercial in my country. And I started to wonder what does it mean broadcast audience. Buyer bought music mass reproduction license of that track. This license allows to 1 million broadcast audience.

Does it mean, that it can have less than one million audience in any INDIVIDUAL broadcast?
Or does it mean, that ALL summed broadcasts can have less than milion audience?

Should be the total audience summed I guess. That’s really cool thing that you found your own music on your own television. :wink:

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Thanks @FASSounds

This commercial is regularly broadcasted in at least one of the biggest TV stations in Poland and at least in one smaller. So I suppose that summed audience is more than 1 million (In Poland live almost 40 millions). Should I write to buyer?

I suppose it’s also broadcasted in all other tv stations, because it’s a part of big marketing with special identification focused on one product of popular brand. I just do not have TV, so it’s hard for me to catch which station is broadcasting this commercial :slight_smile:

That’s your right to ask the buyers. Hopefully they are cooperative with that and not feel offended. :wink:

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I’d check with Envato to clarify the license before you contact them. I would have thought it was audience per viewing rather than accumulated views, but that’s just me.

I checked FAQ and I have found:

How do I know my Broadcast audience size?
If you are using a music track in a Broadcast project, simply ask your client or producer what their intended audience size is for the production, meaning the maximum number of people the Broadcast has the potential to reach.

As a general rule of thumb, an audience size up to 1 million tends to be more for local and hyper-targeted broadcasts, 1-10 million is more on the regional-to-national scale, and above 10 million is typical for national and international broadcasts. Please note this may vary depending on your location and target market. In some places, this audience size measure is similar to the broadcast DMA.

Yes, potential reach is what counts when it comes to broadcast licenses. So if the ad played on a national TV in Poland, it should be the top license!

You need to let support know, they may be able to help you et get the buyer to buy the correct license.

I think it’s still a bit ambiguous. I could be wrong, but if it was total audience then it would (or should) say:

meaning the total number of people the broadcasts have the potential to reach.

At present it’s just talking about ‘the broadcast’, as in one single broadcast.

I have wrote to support. We will se :slight_smile:

It seems quite clear to me:

Whether “broadcast” is plural or not is irrelevant here, since the potential reach would be the same (for a same channel).


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Envato answer:

When choosing the license you need to consider the intended audience size is for the production, meaning the maximum number of people the Broadcast has the potential to reach.

And after my second question:

Yes, we’re talking about all assumed/potential audience the broadcast can reach. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

And everything is clear now.

Sure it’s clear. As it’s always been. And now what?

You want support to actually do something to help you fix this, not just quote the FAQ back at you. They can reach out to the buyer and ask them to buy the correct license.

Nah, I did the simplest thing. I wrote to studio, which bought that license and they said that they will check it and contact with producer. So everything is ok :slight_smile:

After 2-3 months finally they bought bigger license and they get refund of previously bought lower one. Contact with buyer was simple and easy, they wanted to clear this.

We are loosing a lot of money guys. A lot of.