What is the reason for the rejection in ThemeForest

Hello! I uploaded a template on Themforest but I was surprised by the rejection …
I seek your help and uncover the reason for the rejection.
I extend my respect and appreciation to all members and professors. Thank you

Item Link :

It is becoming increasingly hard to get approved with these resume sites as there are already so many that are all starting to look the same.

To stand any chance you need to add significantly more features, functionality and especially unique elements/creativity

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Thank you
Is there another reason to refuse ??

With respect it’s pretty basic

  • the design feels quite outdated (not helped by font choice and colours)

  • there ae not really any premium features that couldn’t be found in numerous freebie templates

I wouldn’t waste your time trying to approve this and instead invest time in working on something fresh and more innovative

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Thank you verry much
I waiting anny ideas from you

No one is going to be able to tell you what to design or teach anyone else how best to create items

This is premium marketplace for professionals or at least v capable amateurs, so coming up with a concept that is of significantly high enough design, originality and functionality is the job of the author

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Thank you for The Truth you are the Best

My simple tip is just compare your newly developed products with newest items in themeforest

Another tip is try to partner with already accepted HTML templates


Thank you very much