Got rejection on HTML template submission

My submission of the HTML template got rejected by ThemeForest but I don’t know whats the reason. Can anyone help?

Share the demo link here

Here it is

Rejection reason was quality.

It’s an ok start but there is a lot of refinement and attention to detail needed esp. in the typography, in terms of design and features

There’s a lot of pages that need more to them e.g. ‘how it works’

’ Add to cart’ and the quantity counter doesn’t work - is there not actual shopping cart etc. (buyers might find that quite misleading)

Gallery on the home page doesn’t link to item pages

There are not actually very many ‘products’

‘Profile’ could offer way more like previous orders, preferences, delivery address

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@charlie4282 Thank you so much for checking the template in detail. I really appreciate your time. It means a lot to you me.

I will work on your feedback.

Be happy!

Thanks for your suggestion. I am working on it.

I need one more suggestion: I have made the full theme full functional with admin panel build in CodeIgnitor. Do you think I should submit it where everything will be working 100%

In remark they said quality issue. I think I can redundant quality issue by making fulling working ?

My plan was to get HTML approve so I can understand code standard rules and then adjust my theme according to it and submit working in next time.

Thanks for helping me,

  1. It doesn’t matter what features you add if the design and code basics are not there

  2. ‘Evolving’ items is something that a lot of authors plan to do because they just want to rush to get the item approved and then come back to making it better.

This is actually one of the single worst things that an author can do. If an item can be better, then make it better in the first instance. Not only will this increase the chances of approval, but cutting corners and rushing to get it over the line initially almost always ends in rejection, which in turn blocks the item from resubmission even if an author then adds more functionality

Thanks for your support. I will focus on template.