What is the quality standard?

Hello, recently my designs have been rejected because they do not meet the quality standards, and I could not understand these quality standards, there is no clear reason.

I am a graphic designer for 12 years, don’t you think it is absurd that my early work is accepted and the later ones are of poor quality as I continue to improve myself?

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Of course there are rules of typography, color gamma, composition, animation, technical requirements …
These rules are the same as everywhere else i ndesign. Not only on Envato.
But there are no “design rules”. The product must be great - this is the only rule. Design, like art, is a subjective thing. Therefore, it is not possible to create a list of “great design” rules. Plus there is such a thing as “trend”. Trends change from year to year

Your last website was approved more than 7 years ago. Don’t you think that the level of expected quality has increased over such a long time?

What I mean is, when I was a rookie I was not acquainted with the design rules, but I improved myself by the time. I also so sell my works on various stock-sites and also take part in international projects as a designer. For sure I follow the trends. I make these criticisms by looking at other practices in the market.

I had not uploaded any item for long time due to my heavy work but lately I have been rarely uploading some of my works, which unfortunately had not been accepted.

How does Envato trust the quality team in this regard, for example, are the works uploaded being inspected by various persons?

hi no this is done, standards have raised and unless u have managed to bring your game to the next level, this is sort pf logical in a way

Yes there are several reviewers who’s expertise are a combination of technical skills, awareness of trends etc but also a knowledge of the marketplaces and what has sales potential etc.

Can you share examples here of the files that were rejected?

This is the latest rejected.

I’m not a designer like the others in this thread but the wolf looks pretty good to me.

I’m not entirely convinced by the typography and fonts in the tag lines/title though

Thank you, I studied art for 6 years, I do not consider myself a master, but I know what can be sold here.

Another poor quality logo design

hi i like hat u have here , though , too tell u how i feel , i tend to believe that the wolf illustration is a bit retro style , this is not following really modern trends where “drawings” are more abstract and this may have an impact on the commercial potential item according to review teams. in my view, indeed, at this stage u are a bit in between too styles, if u wanna know how i feel , u may need to add either a bit more details or try to make the illustration part more modern according to trends , more abstract, more about shapes being subtracted from others like a good deal of logos made nowadays. I may also add that the typo is definitely really clean but that this is maybe a bit flat for here, as expectations are high in terms of typo here, no matter where u are posting

for your star logo, i like it but honestly i think a bit the same as for the other one when it comes to the typo and indeed, i think that this this is too bad that u do not have more connection in tremens of colors between the illustration and text, this breaks a bit the harmony if u ask me … u also have a real problem issue with some previews, buddy … whether this is the blue or orange background , it’s the same, the logo lacks contrast, it loses impact and this is not outstanding as it should be, u are even on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle indeed

In the graphic field, everyone has their own natural thinking is also different. If a client or a company wants a logo you design according to your creativity but if they give you some direction then it will be the best for both of you.

unfortunately , i think that this is not what happens in the real world, in most of cases , people do not know what they want until u start providing them with some visuals

of course because that is our work, but they must give brief.

well u are true but in reality this is also very far form happening