Item Rejected as not match up envato standards what?


Item Rejected as not match up envato standards, please help
I’m waiting for comments


hi buddy
well to be honest i prefer the version with the two girls and the guy lifting weights on the left , but the one with the couple is not bad. However i tend to believe that the lay out is cleaner on the version with teh 2 girls/ weightlifter combo. Otherwise, i really have no idea of this item is rejected when some way lower quality ones go through on regular basis …

u have originality in the lay out, good and harmonious colors and this is looking attractive on a general way … it looks ok about fonts in my view though u may have a bit more work this side with more combinations. Judging by how important this is here and sometimes of how they over consider this part compared with the rest, this maybe a reason for the rejections but in any case, from where i sit , this hard rejection looks far fetched in my view

do not be surprised also it looks like the russian roulette today about rejections and different friends and i have been discussing this and we are hallucinating about what they reject sometimes and what they accept sometimes, too …

u can give it a try as far as fonts go , now this is not guarantied that this is coming from this … otherwise it maybe due to some image that u use, hard to tell …


The Market is not a Russian roulette, every item goes through a serious, professional review before being accepted.

Please do not call out items, users or staff on the forums. As per our Community Guidelines:

Please respect your fellow users, staff, and moderators. We are all part of a community and you are expected to treat all users in a professional and respectful manner.



Thank you buddy…


I am writing in Turkish because my English is not good.

20 Yıldır Reklam ve Grafik tasarım sektörünün içindeyim. 15 yıldır profesyonel olarak Grafik tasarımcılığı yapıyorum. Reklam ve Grafik tasarım içinde yeni başlayan biri değilim. Büyük şirketlerle, büyük projelerde çalıştım.
Çok yoğun bir iş temposu içindeyim. İş yoğunluğumun olmasına rahmen Envato Graphicriver için ciddi anlamda emek ve zaman harcıyorum. Para kazanmak için yapmıyorum. İnsanların yaptığım tasarımlarımı beğenmesi, sevmesi benim için paradan çok daha önemli.

Birgün envato için tam zamanlı çalışırsam. Ciddi anlamda fark yaratan tasarımlar, farklı projeler üretmeyi isterim.

İnsanların düşüncelerini yorumlarını merak ettiğim için reddedilen tasarımı burada paylaştım. Kalite standartlarının altında olan bu öğeyi bir çok kişinin beğeneceğini düşünüyorum.

Reddedilen öğem ile onaylanan bazı öğeleri karşılaştırıyorum. Kalite standartlarının altında kalan onaylanan öğeler görüyorum. Kalite standartlarının altında olan öğelerin onaylandığını görünce kalite standartlarını merak ediyoruz. En azından onaylanmama sebebini merak ediyoruz.

Envato ekibine, moderatörlerine tüm çalışanlarına elbette saygı duymalı ve saygı göstermeliyiz. Envato ekibine ve tüm çalışanlarına saygı duyuyorum.
Tasarım hazırlarken ciddi anlamda zaman ve emek harcıyoruz. Bizde sizden harcadığımız emeğe ve zamana saygı duymanızı bekliyoruz. Sizden bir öğeyi reddetmeden önce lütfen harcadığımız emeği ve zamanı biraz olsun düşünmenizi istiyoruz.

Teşekkür ederim.


I’ll put below your text also in English (translated with Google Translate).

Please use English, we are an international community and we can understand each other better if we all speak the same language.

As long as we keep the discussion according to Community Guidelines and we show respect for Envato and for the reviewers, I think you can continue to ask and receive useful feedback from other forum members related to your items.

Hello there. I have been in the advertising and graphic design industry for 20 years. I have been a professional graphic designer for 15 years. I am not a newcomer in advertising and graphic design. I worked with big companies, big projects. I am in a very busy job temposu. I spend a considerable amount of time and effort on Envato Graphicriver for my work intensity. I’m not doing it to make money. It’s more important for me to love and appreciate the designs that people make. If I ever work full time for envato. I would like to produce different designs, designs that make a serious difference.
I shared the rejected design here because I was curious about the comments of people’s thoughts. I think that many people will like this item which is below the quality standards. I compare some items approved with the rejected item. I see approved items that are below the quality standards. When we see that items below quality standards are approved, we are concerned about quality standards. At least we are wondering why it is not approved.
We must of course respect and respect all the staff of the Envato team, its moderators. I respect the Envato team and all its employees. We spend considerable time and effort in preparing the design. We are looking forward to respecting the time and time we spend on you. Before we reject an item from you, please ask us to think about the time and effort we spend. Thank you. Best regards…


Thank you for your interest.
I expect comments from members about the design.


I dont’ understand we work full day to create on the Graphicriver original items and i don’t get approved ,and when you check out graphicriver items you see older items gets approved and copied by others check the links below:

this item on graphicriver : [link removed by mod] is approved last week.

is just like this: [link removed by mod] ,and is 2016 project and you can download for free.

What is going on in Envato ??


Please do not call out items, users or staff on the forums. As per our Community Guidelines:

Please respect your fellow users, staff, and moderators. We are all part of a community and you are expected to treat all users in a professional and respectful manner.

Please address any DMCS complaints directly to Envato Support, not in the forums.



hi, I think your design looks very good man and this rejections happens to lots of other projects too. like my first project! :expressionless:
its interesting that after their “professional review” They just put your whole work in trash! i mean we work very hard on a project and after over a week(!) of “professional review” they put it away.
if its a proffesional review you guys should tell us what are the problems or at least give us some editing time. you just say not acceptable and out!
i really respect your proffesional view and its very good that you guys spend time to review authors products but this is very odd. i mean proffesional designing standards are not some secret things. we really do our best to include them in our project. but sometimes when i look to my rejected project and some of accepted projects i just see some very minor diffrences or in some cases my project looked very better than some projects in market. this process may looks very good in customers view but in authors view its prejudicial and arbitrarily.


These articles can help a bit:


Thank you but i cant resubmit my previous project so this is the real problem. now i just need to design something new and wait about a week for my rejection note. cool! :slight_smile:


Thank you buddy…


I’ve been in advertising for decades. I am a graphic designer and art director since fifteen years. I am a professional designer, so I think that I have necessary knowledge and experience.
I am receiving messages from members and designers about this topic, summaries of these messages; they like this design, but they do not want comment about it. They are İ think. Because they get a lot of reaction. They are right.
As professional designers, we want respected to our ideas about design studies. We have the knowledge and know-how as well as the employees here.
There are many designs that get approval. Most of them are below quality standards. We can see it. We spend considerable time and effort for designing. It is more important than this money. I respect all the staff and professionals who work here.
I am requesting that you must think through all these elements when you approving these designs.
Best regards…