What is going on with processing uploads

I have 33 items waiting for approval, some of them for 3 months now (!!!) What is going on??? Do you need some help in approval team, I’m in.

Which category? Stock footage?

According to this page, it’s taking them around 114 days to approve new items there. :slight_smile: (note: this is the average from last week).

I saw it before, but it is not an excuse, two weeks queue was long but 114 days is ridiculous (not funny)

Yes, you’re right that it is not funny. But your voice shall fall on deaf ears here. Sorry.

Envato is well aware of their review times. They’ve heard endless complaints. They’ve vowed to decrease them.

But Envato also has repeatedly shown their lack of ability to grow along with the market. They are always running behind.

From what I can see, they’re not looking for reviewers.

Tell anyone to write - on all other sites take my video is normal, this rejected the last 500 works in a row !! This is lawlessness! Who can I contact?

The items that I upload, doesn’t appear on the site after uploading process. Its says: “Your items are processing” and it is stuck on this point.

It’s known bug, try to upload with FTP – it’s the best way

No one will give the feedback, they just reject (sometimes with no reason). Few years ago in the review team were other creatives, and they were more friendly, and gave feedback often. I learned a lot from one of my reviewers, now it’s just like a machine – up, down, up, up, down… 0 1 0 1 1 0 1…