Waiting for review of files upload for over 2 months...


Hello, does anybody else have this problem, I have uploaded a bunch of files and 2 months passed, still nothing. Still waiting for that Epic Rejection Time. I am uploading with the old upload tool. So just wondering, is there anyone else waiting for 3 months?


Have you contacted Envato Help & Support Center to ask them if there wasn’t an issue in processing the file? Indeed it does sound like an unusually long amount of time to stay in queue. Cheers!


Hi! I have the same problem . waiting for 2 months. where to write?!


No I haven’t, I don’t want to make a fuss, I have encountered before something like this, somewhere around 1 month+, but never 2 months+, anyway it looks like someone upstairs read my post, because immediately after posting here I got my first Rejection. :)) Cheers!


I think it’s a coincidence! In any case, I’m willing to wait as long as necessary !! )))


Just - Two months … I wonder whether three months)))?


I am waiting for 22 days already… should I worry? :slight_smile:


Can you guys tell me what the average queue time is? I am kinda new and uploaded my first project 2 days ago :smiley:


For a rough estimate, you can check Envato Quality Status Page.


It’s weird, I think it depends on the amount of sales that the envato market has, sometimes I got files approved the same day, or the next. Sometimes a week or two. This one is for the book of records, The Mother of review time + rejection bonus :))


This is absolutely not true. Today, I look forward to viewing two months and two days)))


It its, but it applies for the day you uploaded the item, not 2 months later :stuck_out_tongue: