Items upload

Hello.I uploaded an item 5 days ago and it hasnt reviewed yet.How many times will it take to review the item?Thanks

You can check your review schedule. Remember it is probable time.

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Thanks men.I will have to wait.

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Hello, I can´t upload my items. I upload my images, but they do not appear in the upload tool. The wheel keeps loading all the time, but does not complete. The 5000 number of uploads does not go down. Does it happen to anyone else?

So,where can i watch my uploaded items?If they are of course.Currently processing uploads have disappeared.What can I do?No rejected,no accepted,no items.

19 days here.

Me or you 19 days here?And what does it mean?

It has been 20 days since I uploaded a file. Today the page says :
Queued for Review
Submitted 20 days ago

Good luck with it. I hope they upload your work soon.

Thank you men!