What happens if I don't enter a payment account?

Hi. Can I save my money on Envato? So, for example, is there a chance that I don’t withdraw my money until I earn $10k? I get a warning to enter a payment account to get paid next month. I hope this is just a reminder. If I want, I can enter after 1 year, right?

In theory, you could.

So, my account or portfolio will not be closed, right? After all, that money is mine. I think I can take it whenever I want :slight_smile: I got my ID confirmation.

I don’t think it’d be closed as you’d be the owner of the account but there may be some time limitation that you may have to withdraw the money ( e.g. 6 months )
In theory, you could keep the money on Envato but it’s not really suggested. For more information, you can contact Envato support. I don’t think anyone is keeping the money on the account