What happened to sales?

Hi guys,

For the first time in 9 years, I made 1 sale in a month. Analytics reports also down… Is this a general situation or is it just me?

oh no, it isn’t just you. The numbers are down 90% for me too.
As if someone pushed the “SALES OFF” button.
On Envato Market, Elements Pond5, Shutterstock etc…

Thought there was going to be a lot of people responding here,
Guess its just us two?
BTW: My exclusive and NON exclusive both here are doing awful,
in addition to the other marketplaces…

Exclusive with 180 items

Non Exclusive with over 300 items

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same goes for cgtrader too. like you said someone pressed the “SALES OFF” button =)

But statistics are also very low, 100-150 daily visitors were coming to my single product before, now 15-20 people come. I think people evaluate their 2023 budgets differently.


I did notice a sales drop too, but again I haven’t been as active on the markets lately. So I assume that had an influence and else might have something to do with a “current recession” and inflation. But ultimately only time will tell how things will go moving forward :thinking:


Sales are horrible. I am lacking motivation to create anything new. Johnny dai, we are on the same page. No sales for past couple of days. This is totally a new experience for me which I dont want to experience at all.


yes Sachin bai, its the worst it has ever been.
Had more sales in 2012 with 3 items than with over 400 now
It’s not just us, the world is diving fast into a recession.
Google / Spotify / Microsoft / Amazon are laying offs thousands of employees,
Less companies are hiring, too…
we are entering a very difficult time it seems,
lets hope it will pass fast :pray:t2:


Unfortunately, this is a sign of a recession. Many companies are laying off employees. Youtube also limits its policy by requiring ownership of uploaded videos. It looks like there are some changes happening on other platforms as well. This affects its users.

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No Sales since 2 Month and this never happened with us. We were usually selling 4 to 5 license easily and it stopped.

We also test the purchase and cart funcationality to see if there is an issue, however it is working fine.

Is there Envato team available to give headsup on this No Sales issue as multiple sellers are facing this issues.

We also posted this issues two to three times to get attention.

Envato team , please do something into this.

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Sales are extremely low for me as well. We need to revisit our marketing strategy, I guess.

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