What do you think of my mix ? Thanks!


I d’like to have more clarity, depth and a more “in your face” feeling, but even with EQ, reverb, imager and compression, I’m not satisfied. Your advice will help me a lot!

Here’s the link of my track :



I think, the thing actually you’re looking for called “presence”. This is more about placing the sounds in stereo space and setting the levels appropriate. Once you’ve done that, next step may be the compress some excessive dynamic instruments. “In your face feeling” is actually used for dance music, because rhytmic instruments and limiting the master sound create that feeling, I think.

I definitely suggest you to watch this video :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEjOdqZFvhY&t=4445s

Furthermore, that strings triplets are weird. I mean piano goes 16th straight, and they goes 16th triplet. That’s strictly unacceptable.

Good luck! :facepunch:

Thanks you very much! I’m watching the video.