I need some feedback please

My track was rejected. can someone tell me what i need to improve at?
Here is a link.


Hi xound!

I think the feeling of the track is great, but to me it becomes too stiff. I would do some automation stuff and also change the velocity on some notes to make the rhytmic section better, By doing this I think it would be a great improvement😃 Also the balance between instruments can be better. For example the high ostinato string seems to be little high in volume. Hope this was some kind of help😊

Thank you for responding.

This is my first time mixing and mastering.

How does the mix sound? I am using headphones… DT 770 250ohm.

By stiff you mean not enough dynamics?

Do you think that had I sent the track to be mixed and mastered by an experienced soundman, it would have been accepted?

Good day :blush:

I mean that it doesn´t sound like a live player, it is hard to achieve that off course, but if you do automation and try to imitate how a real player would play it you can improve. Check out this video to see more about what I mean:

I think you need to practice more and maybe learn something about orchestration can help, but just keep going and have fun! I think the mix sounds good to be your first time! One tip is to maybe back off the reverb a little :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best!


Anyone else have some feedback?

In my opinion, there is no movement in the track, which can be achieved by background percussion.

I’m not a very skilled composer of epic piece, but in my opinion you can improve for sure the strings sounds, it seems to me not very realistic… the section in the interval 1:29 - 1:45 sounds too mechanical… Hope it can be helpful, good luck! :slight_smile:

I would invest in a decent string library. There are some pretty good options out there for someone just starting out at some pretty reasonable price points. Let me know if you’d like some recommendations and how much you can afford to spend (not sure if I’m allowed to post links and the like).

The lack of round robins really stands out in the track and, as others have said, it sounds very mechanical. You might be able to mitigate some of that by playing with velocity, but the sound itself is so synthetic that there’s probably a limit to what you’ll be able to achieve.

The other instruments sound okay. I think the piano is a bit too staccato and could use some sustain to give it more emotion. The percussion’s fine, but is really buried and distant. I’m not the best mixer in the world (as you’ll see from my other threads on here), so I’ll leave that to those with more expertise in that area.

Finally, I do feel like there are a couple of structural issues, but that will come with experience and it’s certainly not a terrible track.

I hope that helps and keep it up!