What do you think about this track?

Hello folks, another newbie here :slight_smile:

I would love to hear what you think about this track:

What are the odds for this piece to be approved? I’m open to any recommendation!

Thank you very much!

It sounds nice. Good work.

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Thank you very much for the feedback SonicSounds! I’m puzzled by what genre and category should I send this track to? :\ Any recommendations?

Welcome to Audio Jungle. Your track has some issues that may lead to it being rejected. First of all your track may not be seen as commercially viable, what type of project do you think the track could be placed? Second issue is the mix - it sounds like there is too much room reverb across the whole mix and clarity of instrumentation is lost. Cymbals / Splash too bright and the vocal to upfront - I am very partial to these kind of vocals but too loud.

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Hey gballx!

Thank you VERY much for your detailed feedback! Actually, I’ve always dreamt this track to be a used at the start or end of a middle eastern-themed show. But you’re right, the main reason for rejection could be ‘not commercially viable’. I’m pretty new to mixing… I would really love if you could recommend me some resources about mixing and mastering. I’m using Logic Pro.

Again thank you for feedback! It’s an honor to receive feedback from an experienced user :slight_smile: