What do you think about this idea?

Hello there.
We have this idea: a builder / composer for developers, and designers too, why not, to easily create item preview banners and descriptions for Envato market.
Here is a start: http://swepps.com/envato/ , is only a rough idea, there will be some templates already created where you will be able to change font sizes, colors, to edit the text, pictures…

What do you think about it? Would you pay to use something like this?

Thank you!

It’s a nice idea but would have to be massively advanced e.g. font choices, image sizing, multiple layers etc. and to be honest I doubt anyone would pay for it - most authors (who are successful) have enough of an idea to design their own and a unified approach like this (no matter how logical) makes it harder to make the design stand out.

Not sure about paid users, but it should easy to build features list with image/icons (visual composer, responsive, woocommerce, retina ready…) :grin:

Thank you for your reply. We were thinking that CodeCanyon users will use our product, not ThemeForest designers. But I think you are right. Thank you!

Yea, we will think about it. Thank you for your reply!