What can I do if someone is offering my products on third party websites?

I have found some of my photoshop actions to download on dubious legality websites.
Is there anything I can do to get that content removed?

Thank you in advance

Hi @ygertz,
you can do 2 things

  1. Contact that site owner about your product’s illegal use.
  2. Use DMCA to take down the item. you don’t need to file any case in court (From my experience with DMCA), just need to submit a request to DMCA if that site respects the DMCA then they will immediately take down that item.

Many thanks for the quick response @sagarmaher
I’m going use DMCA right now.

hi u can waste your time to try to have it taken out , battle single handed and go through a lot of things without making sure that anything will be done in the end, or simply move on and “produce more than thieves can steal” according to what a veteran GR participant once told me …

Yea, I’ve sent many DMCA notices to different sites, nothing has ever been done about it, my notices just go ignored.

this is normal buddy … we do not even know who is run charge of this … lol maybe they have super limited staff and , in any case, it looks like that they have a whole lot of trouble to do anything against pirates, if they ever try lol what is not sure …

Yea, it just doesn’t seem to be worth it most of the time.
Though I should say that if you send one to Envato, they get on it pretty quickly.

as for me i had to push so that they take out of the servers an item that a guy had stolen from me and posted as his … so lets say that i did not have the same experience

Sending DMCAs in the void is a big waste of time. I have many ripped products posted on many shady websites as we speak and there is no way to fight against.

A successful approach that works several time for me was to send emails (if they ever have a contact option) and extremely kind ask the website’s owner to remove the product. Explain them that you are not a company and you are an independent creator who depends on that small amount of money.

On the other hand few times when they ripped some of my products and that products become viral on their websites I experienced spikes in sells. Probably some costumers just download my products and they bought the item just to have a valid licence.