Does anyone try to use DMCA with a stolen item?

Hi Guys,

I’ve searched about DMCA in the entire Envato market but I didn’t figure it out, How to protect an item from someone buy it once and made it downloadable for free on his own website?

Does anyone used to protect his item from such thieves?

you just need to send dmca mail to that site dmca mail address

I will tell you, that you can send 1000 DMCA requests if you wish, but it will never stop them. (Source: I tried this before).

Rather than waste time fighting a battle you cannot win, perhaps you should continue to invest your time in making new items, and updating/adding new content to your old items.

DMCA is affective against some sites. Not all will acknowledge it. Some are very hard to contact. Some even play the game of “I’m not hosting the file, only linking to it.” You can file a DMCA request with Google itself (they have a page for this) and take down all of the websites from search, but many more will pop up within a few weeks.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience pal, But I think it’s the only way to increase sales. or you don’t notice diff??

No, it did not help sales at all.

More recently I’ve done a full study that I hope will help answer your question. One of my bigger apps has automatic updates, so I decided to use this. Basically, if someone installs version 1.0 of my app (which isn’t obtainable anymore unless you pirate it), then it will give you a fake update which essentially locks the app until you prove your purchase. It also sends me the URL of the installation.

Sample size: 230

  • About 15% of these people reinstalled the pirated edition and avoided the update.
  • About 70% of them installed a different app from a different person instead, or took down the website entirely.
  • Only 1 person purchased a license to the app.

Then, of that 15% who reinstalled it, I sent DMCAs to the whois admin email of about 60% of them (the rest had whois privacy protection). All of these individuals did take down the product, none of them purchased it.

So basically. I made $15 USD off many days of work. Not worth it IMO, I could have spent the time working on new stuff.


I’m having a problem… my file
is in everywhere … I try to send mails… but i think it’s useless… lots of sites from chine and russia… no way to complain… :((( very disappointed…

Unfortunately, Baileyherbert is right. Lots of authors will tell you that DCMA requests are a waste of time and energy. Best ignore the issue and get on with concentrating on new items.

you might doing your magic trick too fast you should put a timer in the update that will do the break only 2 or 3 month later give them the time to like your product and im pretty sure more will buy it. Its do not hurt when you just installed something and it break due to a update but if you use it for a long time and it break you will think 2 time about it if you really want to lose all data again and again at nowhere time.

I do agree and I did think about this but it isn’t really possible with the update system in version 1.0 of my app. :expressionless:

Oh well.

Please, do not confuse, because DMCA Takedown Notice must be sent to the email address of the hosting provider of the website where the violation is noticed. Don’t know how to find out the hosting provider of a specific website? Find out who is hosting any website.

Do you know after filing a DMCA Complaint to Google you may end up paying a heavy fine as a punishment?

Yes, if Google finds out that your claim is false and the website you are reporting DMCA complaint actually not republished your article or not copied complete article (Google doesn’t care if someone copied a small piece of your content). get More Info: Step by Step DMCA TakeDown