how to send DMCA when in doubt



Today i come across a website which is one of my items

but i am not sure whether they purchased my product or not.

how can i get in touch with them or send DMCA about it?


Best to spend that sort of time working on item updates and new features so more people are likely to make a purchase




You should first confirm if they are using it legally or not. Then, only send DMCA. False DMCAs sent are penalized.


Your post would be completely understandable if this item had not yet received any sales. If it has been sold, then it’s a bit strange for you to see an item of yours in the wild and automatically get suspicious. If it was me, I’d probably be a bit more
"wow, look they’re using my template for their website… cool, a customer of mine!" than “my God, someone is using my template for their website… they must have stolen it from somewhere.” unless I had hard and fast evidence.


Usually I do feel the same

But today they asked me for support without purchased badge

When I asked about it, he says its a friend website

That’s why I was suspicious


Ah, well that’s different! Just say something along the lines of …“unfortunately I can’t provide support without a valid license code. If you can get your friend to contact me through the account they used to purchase the site, or email over the license code, then I’d be happy to help.” or something like that.


hi buddy, normally u can check whether people have bought your item or not, as envato is enabling u to check this out through their email and link … . Indeed, if they tried to contact u for update and they did not buy your stuff in the first place, they are really dumbbells … lol