What can you do when someone from Graphic River steal your item to sell somewhere else?

I found out that my (exclusive) item was bluntly stole and is for sale on the other market. I already reported him on the other market, but should I report the author here as well? I’m talking about someone with a large and apparently reliable portfolio, with 70 items and over 1700 sales (!) + a bunch of items on the other market and god knows how many sales.

I’m not going to mention his name here, but you can find me there on the discussion board.

I’m frustrated =(

If you are a graphic river author, I invite you to check his portfolio. Maybe you will find some of your items there as well =/

Hi! You can send DMCA to hosting provider.

I will, thank you!

It is your duty to report them here as well. Best to be vigilant PRO! Hopefully the account will be disabled. Nobody likes a thief! Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

Apart from Robin Hood. Everyone loves Robin Hood.

Here’s some DMCA info if you need it…


very useful, thank you!

The author contacted me and explained that he had a collaboration agreement with someone and this other person was responsible for “creating” the item. He deleted my project and apologized. I know that blaming someone else is an easy way out and I will never know for sure if this is what really happened, but like I said before, they do have a vast portfolio, so it would be a stupid move to risk loosing everything by selling a project created by someone who is also active on the market.

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hi buddy i understand your frustration and your disappointment, however , take a look at what is happening otherwise anyway … . People preach for creating unique items and in the end they accept that a bunch of guys copy each other and give almost the same item for sale without any problem . in addition, obviously same goes with separated people alone, some copy their own items over and over again and almost do not change anything and manage to get approved until they highly contribute to saturate the market (when u submit 5 , 6 or 7 items in one day all i can say is that the quality of the thing obviously is average … it takes time to create a good item and to find original ideas and original graphic ways to represent an item), not to mention that ultimately some guys report some copyright issues and some pirate sites are still alive and quicking months after that … so basically there is unfortunately nothing to expect, u should already be lucky that the concerned guy is just apologizing and taking out the concerned item from sale …