What are you going to do with your account and products if you 'die' unexpectedly?


I get you. I know what’s on your mind right now, “Why would somebody talk about death in a creative community forum?”

Well, this is indeed a ‘community’, not a ‘robots’ world. A community is run by ‘people’, you and I, and people eventually, ‘die’. All of us should know by now that death is inevitable and it often happens unexpectedly. However, some things don’t die and that’s our ‘products’. Our products will live longer than we do. Even if we’re no longer around, our products will still be available for sale.

So, if you’re an individual author without a partner or team, who will manage your products? Have you ever thought about that? What would be Envato’s response to this kind of situation?

Meanwhile, while we’re still alive, let’s continue to make awesome products.

Cheers :smiley:


Hi Art,

Interesting topic (how unpleasant it might be). Also think of all the social media accounts that live on…
Maybe Envate has some arrangement in the general conditions?
I think the intellectual property goes to the family in most cases (at least in the Netherlands it’s protected for 70 years). Just in case: make sure your next of kin knows your passwords etc.?


Good question!

I have already gave my account data to my family. In case :wink:


Dude I am a philosopher too… Thought many times…Don’t worry, After our death we not need to worry about material things. Death is just a promotion of our energy level. Death and Life are just levels of matter frequency.


This is a very good question! Although my AJ earnings are hardly riches, I’d like to think that my portfolio could stay live so my family could get the continuing residual income (for as long as it lasts) and be able to buy the odd treat with it were I to fall under a bus!


I would reincarnate immediately.


following this :slight_smile: