What will happen if an author die?

It sounds strange but it may happen for everyone.

What will happen for his/her items and balance?

What ‘supported’ buyers should do? Can they request refund for extended support?

If author was not responded to refund requests - buyer can send refund request to envato : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - they will investigate and process the refund.

Envato Doesn’t have (rules) anything to inactive authors. :frowning:

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This is not acceptable, they have a long terms and conditions page but nothing about this? :frowning:

Many buyers may encounter with this kind of problem. This is important specially when they are paid for support.

i think you need get outside a bit ore and get some fresh air.
come back to the real world. just my opinion


Sorry to have died on you. Do you wish the support package that extends for afterlife usage? It might be a bit difficult to reply to certain questions due to decomposition and all that, but I’ll do my best to provide all the support my rotting body can.

Now, leaving the sarcasm aside, and sorry to have been rude, but I judge a human life is far more important than a support question. I’m fairly certain you can / will be refunded in such situations, but let’s not act like authors are a piece of hardware. We’re human for crying out loud! I do believe a human life is far more important than a 5$ support extension.


Sorry, you look me as a buyer with a support problem! False. I’m an author. An elite author who usually don’t need support for himself.

I do agree with you in some parts but you all know this is a valid question.

I want to know how Envato deal with it and what is my responsibility at that situation (OK, I may not be there, I mean my family or friends :slight_smile:)

I believe the best solution for this, if you fear that this may happen, is to have a will that includes your credentials, and a trusted contact assigned to receive it in case of such events…

I mean, this can be correlated to any number of scenarios. What happens to your car, your rent, your bills, your loans, etc etc etc. See my point? Assigned to someone to continue or terminate your affairs.

Yes, this works in most cases but not always. There are certain formal procedures for bills, loans, etc. There is no here.

Furthermore, what they can do for support and fixing bugs of a complex item when they are not technical at all. It’s even hard to qualify someone else to do that.

I’m looking for something like refunding all remaining extended support or like that.

Envato will take care of that. :slight_smile: For balance especially.

What supported buyers should do if author stop with support and he/she is still alive?

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Why do you think many buyers will encounter this problem? :frowning:

Educate your kids to continue family business. :slight_smile:
Or they can close the business.

A suggestion…:
If an author dies, then his/her earnings should be distributed to the authors who still alive.
Now, let’s kill authors.

Edit: Caution! Irony here.

Well you just need one author to die and that could result in thousands of buyers being affected.

Every author should appoint his/her heir :slight_smile:

one cannot just DIE and work on AudioJungle.

I think every AudioJungle exclusive author (don’t know about the regular ones)
are immortal :slight_smile:

On the other hand, it may sound funny but this thought came to my mind too.
What will happen to my future sales when I’ll cross over to the other plane ?
I also thought of a close friend to give him my account so he can benefit of my money. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you think of these things, it’s human I guess.

Since most of my stuff is songs, I don’t generally worry about complains.
Only on CodeCanyon or any other places you keep constantly helping other people install or troubleshoot the
stuff you sell.

So AudioJungle authors should not feel generally threatened by the fact that they will die. It’s a normal process
and the royalties will keep pouring in. If you give your password to a beggar, he can withdraw it every month,
if you manage to sell about 50 USD, but he needs to have a PayPal account. I think he can accomodate it
easily. You also have to buy the beggar a laptop and teach him to press F5 in the browser many times
a day so he can see if he has a new sale. Eventually, the beggar will become an audio producer
and he will start adding stuff to your portfolio, and thus growing the income received.

So nothing to worry about

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Should be buried ! … hehe … sorry, such a day :slight_smile:

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