What are the best logo designs in the world?

I’m curious. I love looking through all the new logo submissions on GraphicRiver and Elements. Some amazing logo designs in there!

But what do you creative folks think is the best logo design in the world. And why? What makes it good? Would love to see/hear examples of your favorite logos from designers, companies, and organizations around the world. Be sure to include images/examples of your favorite logos!

Hi. Thanks for sharing.
For me a good logo should be simple (without being boring) and memorable. Last point is usually united to branding: that is what makes our design distinctive, its details and especially its application, because “four tires are not a car”.

As a student I adored the fat and bold work of John Sayles and a 60-70s master Gerd Leufert. I also liked the concepts and ideas of Paula Scher and the whole team of Pentagram and Landor. Currently I also like the works of Ramotion and Wolff Olins (Despite I hate his website, LOL, nobody is perfect).

For me, other great logos designers are Stevan Rodic, George Bokhua and Unipen.

Here the examples. :smiley:




@empativo Thanks for kicking things off! Would love to see some example of images of all those designers. Care to share/embed some of your favorites?

Hello Scott,

Great thread !! I’m happy to share about it because i really love logo creation !!
I first want to apologize for my english :slight_smile: I’m hoping that people will understand me.

For me, the qualities that a logo must possess are : simplicity, longevity and accuracy.
Why? Because in my opinion, a simple and original logo will be easily recognizable and will go through time without losing it’s power and efficiency !!
One easy example that i like : NIKE
Simple, dynamic and versatile… this logo is used in multiple ways (publicity, clothes, running shoes and more) and always looks great ! This logo was created in 1971 and the «swoosh» is still the same and can be used with the name «NIKE» or without it and people will not make the difference… the symbol is anchored in their mind !!!

That said, there’s many great logo in the world and i want to share some that i think that are awesome by their creativity, originality and simplicity. Working with negative space and main letter (like MOSLEEP in my examples) is interesting and give a clever and unique style to the logo !! Here’s some kind of logos that i like much !!


For me the best logo in the world… i’m not very original and i assume it… it’s the «Apple» logo.
Why ? Because he’s simple, fresh, strong, bold, minimalist,… I would like to be the one who create this logo :slight_smile: it will be for another time.

And you will surely remember the wonderful tweak of the logo in memory of Steve Jobs !!


Okay… i’m done :slight_smile: let’s return to work and try to create some awesome logos !!!

Cheers mates

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Hi Scott,

Thank you for the opportunity to share about the best logo designs.

I think good logo design must be simple, creative, recognizable, memorable, and can be applied in light and dark color backgrounds, and also could be an added value if creatively using negative space.

Here are some great examples :



Spartan Golf Club



Horror Films


I really like FedEx logo which the arrow formed by the space between the E and the X, represent fast - > express.



Good examples. The dialog logo it is terrific. Like it so much!!!

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Yeah, this logo is really strong!!

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Nice examples !! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, those are all good examples of logos. But then, we must be reminded that not all logos are appropriate to a business. It will still depend on its concepts.

I personally think logo design is a very objective stuff, and everyone has his own taste. No need to put too much stress on it.

I love the example above, My favorite number one is the new “American Airlines” logo. Just wow!

Hello Scott,

Check some of these logos.

@Opaq I also like your designs

Thank you very much Ann :slight_smile: !!! Cheers