Which category is best and we should design in logos ?


We are new designing company at graphicriver. We have uploaded approximately 10 logos. But all has been rejected. We are so confused. What type of logos we should design & what is trend on Graphic river.

Anyone guide us for our problem. It will be highly appreciated for us.


show us your rejected logos :slight_smile:

Okay sir. Wait plz

sir yes sir


Below are rejected logos

If you are the company you should hire new designer.

Logos like this will never enter the market and you can believe me.

you can give them away for free somewhere for promotion but not sell.

If we hire new designers. Can you guide us what type of stuff graphicriver like ? and which category we should select first, where we can adjust.

this one in which you good at

yes, designers like 99% of designers here :slight_smile: not copy and paste adobe amateurs :slight_smile:

good stuff, unique stuff, eye-catching stuff :slight_smile:

This logos are more than random. I can’t teach you “how to” - just like that.

Okay. Is presentation of logos important factor for selection ?

it is but this is not main criteria.

Good logo looks pretty good on normal solid background without effects.

problem is not with presentation but with logos here :slight_smile:

let me make this clear

this logos are not really good, okay ?

:slight_smile: NOT GOOD


the logo category is a difficult one … probably the most difficult of all, certanly also due to the fact that logos are the things paying the most once sold …

i already experessed on many of your logo designs that u show here and basically the other ones are having teh same kind of problems, so in short u should start with reworking the logos accordint to what u have been told instead of doing kind of the same with a different logo …