What are the best Fast Typography / Text templates on VideoHive?

##What are the best examples of Fast Typography templates on VideoHive?

####We want you to post items from VideoHive that best demonstrate fast typographical and text effects that help promote and present information in videos in a fast, high quality fashion.

###Example of what we’re looking for:

##Rhythmic Typography by blinque

###How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of the very best Fast Typography items across VideoHive (any sub category) and post a screenshot (if available) and a link to each item right here in the forums.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • Each of the two items you share must be created by a different author (so no two items from the same author, please).
  • You MUST write a description of what you like about EACH item in your list (minimum of two sentences per item, please!), why it’s good, effective for presenting or promoting information and/or and why you think it is better than any other item.
  • One entry per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • Posts that do not follow the requirements and/or only seek to self-promote will be removed.
  • Like someone else’s recommendations? Give it a “like” and support your fellow community members!

###Special Prize

  • We’re giving away an Envato coffee mug via a random drawing from all entries!
  • We’ll select and publish a round-up of the best recommendations on our blog
  • Hurry! Deadline ends at 11pm (AEST) on Tuesday, 13th June, 2017

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing your recommendations!


Fast Typographic Promo by Yourfriend
Nice color gamma. Looks fresh and stylish

Quick Promo by Qwadro
This item has interesting dynamic. Different styles of transitions. Also good color gamma

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Images are clickable!

##The first of course Stomp - Typographic Intro by Mnemonick.
###Dynamic, minimalistic and fresh design set the trend for the whole market! Suitable for a project with absolutely any theme. From advertising site, ending with trailer videos.


##Second great job - Urban Opener // Dynamic Open by amazing makcinema.
###Elegant chill style, perfectly combined with music. Perfect for clips related to street, hipster shops, and other urban stuff themes.

Don’t Wink - Typographic Intro By MbrEffects


Fast, rhythmic, dynamic and powerfull template, the template description says everything.

And Of course STOMP template by Mnemonick, where its all started !


this is where all started, mnemonick did really a great job by creating this powerful rhythmic template.

And this perfect work!

![image](upload://nwOUYbYQser7qYr8J7o7foRu5sw.jpg) https://videohive.net/item/stomp-box/19901357 Stomp Box is fast-paced, well structured typography project. Perfect for intro, promo, slideshow, broadcast, tv / media opener, presentation, titles, sport & action trailer! ![image](upload://689KdxytMJSckG1wLXeCtNjHhe5.jpg) https://videohive.net/item/fast-typo-opener/19720221

Fast Typo Opener demonstrates modern text/typographical effects with fast dynamics. Can be used for any type of media: company promo, corporate intro, advertising, media opener, demo reel and so on.






This project have an interesting design with shape elements and good smooth animation! Looks unusual.

Another one template from me is great typography opener from Motion-Bear! I really like style and design of this template and also great and simple transitions


I like this [project]:

Very dynamic and colorful project. The general concept of video is well worked out. I think it will be well readable and attractive.

@AeNovocaine Nice, thanks for entering! Don’t forget to post two items to be eligible for the giveaway, many thanks!

So much white, I love it. The song is perfect.

Just as the other article, the falt design and the music are perfect. It is so dynamic <3

Hello! Here is one of my projects. This is great for promoting travel vlog. Create your amazing travel videos with this easily customizable template. Just create your tips&trips movies using this big dynamic typography. It’s easy to use to promote in your social networks. Discover the world of travel! Be with your audience anywhere in the world!


This is one of my favorites. Rhythmic fast and impressive! This is great to show a quick urban life. You can use your videos or photos that have an amazing perspective. Your photos instantly come to life with this item. It’s great for promoting your channel and creating a quick impression in social marketing.


Many VH authors use my music recently in typography. My favourites are:

1.I like the energy of transitions and fresh colors. It fits music so great.

2.It’s longer typography then usual. Author made great use of music composition dividing video into few different parts. It makes that video has great balance between dynamic and clarity of text.

  1. https://videohive.net/item/dynamic-typo-opener/19479734 - Cool and great one!

  2. https://videohive.net/item/fast-typo/19666185 - This is perfectly synchronized and cool template!

Very stylish minimal animation and meanwhile fresh look of classic typo-drums animation, I think

Classic minimal and rhythmic typo slideshow, but there are 2 independent fersions for After Effects and Premiere Pro in pack, pretty interesting.

Yay, I want that muuug :slight_smile: , here are my nominations:

  1. Energy Slideshow by Proskurovskiy
    This fast typography is unique, especially for the transitions used between each slide. The effects added on each text is also surprisingly well structured as it mixes perfectly within each frame. Btw, the music from the demo makes the difference :slight_smile:

  2. Dynamic Stomp by GoGuFX
    The colors combined with the typography + flat background frames makes this composition perfect. I see this item perfect for any small movie presentation or mini-trailer. It is also perfect for any sport event presentation.

Good Luck everyone :slight_smile: !

##We’ve reached our deadline!

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