NowThis Style Video Templates

Hi Envato Community,

I’m currently looking for video templates as seen on NowThis News or Business Insider on Facebook. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find such videos on VideoHive but I’m sure there might be such. looking forward for suggestions.

Best wishes, Janik

Do you have any links to examples of the kind of thing you’re looking for? That will help authors suggest appropriate templates, if there’s anything suitable on the marketplace.

Sure, you can view their videos on their Facebook Page.

Yeah, you won’t find anything like that on VideoHive. If you take away the video then you’re just left with some Nexa Bold text in a couple of different colours that changes every ten seconds or so. The thing that makes them half decent videos is the footage, the editing and the editing (combined with the text) and even if there was such videos on VideoHive then none of those things would be included.

You’d be better hiring somebody to do this for you, or doing it yourself.

Makes sense so far, thanks for the explanation.