We're removing Envato Credits from Market


Even simpler: do away with all transaction fees. Theses should be covered by the buyer fee anyway (as per how they defined the buyer fee).

Paypal strongly suggest not to apply a surcharge for their payment, unless merchant has very tight margins. Envato does not have tight margins, really far from it.

Paypal’s guidelines are most likely aimed at small businesses who may lack the resources to prevent such ill-advised idea. A major company such as Envato should know better obviously. Their going forward with this reveals a very dysfunctional top management.

By the way, Paypal adds that this surcharge you should only apply if you really have to, can only be expressed as a percentage of the transaction, never as a fixed amount. By doing so, Envato is in direct breach of Paypal’s terms.


This sounds like possible solution, especially since Envato does not “risk” loosing a lot of fees already in action. But Skrill and Paypal do add currency conversion fees at some percent as well as transaction fee at some percents? The paperwork overload should be solved though? Maybe customers should answer this…


By the way, what about refunds? Are you going to return money to the bank card? Including handling fee, right?


Friends regardless what solutions we are trying to give to the issues reported in this thread don’t seams like Envato will ever take into account as we could see by the todays post of Jamesgiroux


That is exactly why I suggested one payment option be left with no fee. To keep Buyers, Envato and Authors happy. We can’t have it all, so let’s try and compromise! :slight_smile:


@Wayman, @CleanMagicAudio, guys, let’s stay on topic. Please take your conversation to a private message if you still need to clarify stuff. Thanks! :slight_smile:


regarding handling fees:

just found this on https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204160060-Your-Documents-FAQ-Glossary-of-Terms

and tested it right now - it works as described:
$7 item results in $1 handling fee
$7 + $39 item results in $2 handling fee
$7 + $39 + $59 item results in $0 handling fee

-> so it’s not $2 per checkout - it’s more $0 to $2 depending on total sum


Why not though? What is the justification for this surcharge? What sets Envato apart from all other major companies in the world?

It’s not like we’re asking for the impossible, everyone else does it the right way.

It’s rather Envato who can’t have it all. They can’t have both the buyer fee and the handling fee. They can’t be a competitive company and have this ridiculous surcharge. They can’t say they’ve listened to the community and not address a single concern of buyers who spoke up in this thread.


Maaateee! I get your point, but I finally came up with an idea that could be loved by all! :laughing: I’d be happy as an author if ONE of the payment gates would be fee free! Just one of them! All would be blissful, but one! Just one! Let’s try and see if we can get one fee free!

@jamesgiroux, thoughts on this? Any chances?


Let me get this straight…just one?


As it stands now. Would you prefer none? Yeap! Just one, better than none, this is becoming a pun, let me put my serious face back one!


I take comfort in the fact that Envato rarely make changes that are going to lose them money, and if this change does result in them losing money… then you can be sure they’ll do something to rectify that.


Yep! i got it :wink: Whilst i don’t agree with the decision to remove credits.
There has to be an option to pay with no fee and i think your idea is a good solution to this, the Paypal option makes the most sense.


I believe Sir one has arrived to one solution.


Yes but they often make changes that lose authors money.
However I don’t know how loosing authors money can not loose there’s in this case, maybe with those 2$ they will cover those buyers that will not switch to other methods and go away :slight_smile: Buts that just silly thinking I think :smile:

But there are cases, were authors loose money without Envato loosing it :slight_smile:



We think it’s a good idea, having no options without a fee it’s just plain greedy, but do you really think they would consider it? After two weeks of “deliberating” and with all the feedback here the only thing that Envato came up with is nothing! Really, waiting so much time to get that reply that basically means nothing was a slap in the face…Also this doesn’t fix the issue that we commented earlier where buyers said that when working on teams, a system like the credits one allowed them to use those credits freely for all the team.

Hahaha, really? Please, think that they losing money and the authors losing money are two WAY different things…let us explain in simple terms. If a percentage of buyers that bought with credits stop buying here, let’s say that on overall, Envato loses $10.000 a month, but if the cost of maintaining the credits system was $20.000 a month, Envato still profits, but the authors lose all the way…As long as they are covered, authors don’t matter, that’s why after 574 replies where NOT ONE supported the change or said that ridiculous assumption that without credits people are gonna buy more, and numerous buyers saying that they will not buy here again, their answer was just saying, we hear you, but we won’t do anything about it…


Well, if only one payment system allows no fees, it still solves the problem that customers won’t get extra charged for single purchases when in teams. It at least offers one version of getting over the charge! And Envato’s payment options are vast and plentiful, anyone they would choose to remove the fee from would be more than welcome!

I’m really curious if this even gets a reply/thought from the Envato Team! :slight_smile:


Yes, like we said, the idea is great, at least for trying to recapture those people that will be repelled by the fees! But what we said is that after that “official” reply, we are not having high hopes…

one can always dream! :smiley: haha


So…if Paypal was used for this solution with no fees. Companies could top up their Paypal account before hand and it could be used like the credits system, buyers in teams could just purchase an item using the company Paypal account?
A bit of a pain to have to log into Paypal every time but nevertheless …

Just to elaborate on your idea :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m saying, yes! Same applies if Visa or Mastercard is selected. A debit card for the company would do the trick! :slight_smile: