Did not want store credit from Envato! Really annoyed.

I just got two refunds from two Authors.

Why is it that Envato conveniently puts the refunds into their store credit? This is simply infuriating considering I used my card to make payment! I do not care to have store credits.

I have contacted support and they seem to have disappeared. What is the normal turn around time for reply to these support requests?

I thought this was a good platform but now not at all. If anyone can assist would be grateful.

If there is no reply from Envato, I guess I cannot do much but do two chargebacks against them.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum .

You will not able to add credit at Envato account.

About Envato Credit:

And here is author refund policy you get information about author refund pollicy

Still have any question Open a Envato Help Ticket



You can check here:
Envato Credits


About support please keep patience. Support team will reply you soon. Time depends on current quee volume.


Thanks guys, but you mis-understood my question:

  1. I bought two products using my credit card
  2. The authors later refunded these two purchases
  3. Envato conveniently did not refund my card but instead gave me Envato credits which I do not want or need as I want to buy nothing more from Envato website

So I have messaged them now to refund by card instead. Hope they reply.

Typically refunds are returned how it was purchased so if you chat to support and you originally paid directly then this should be resolvable.

Support usually takes around 24-48 hours but it is the weekend there nearly so may be a little longer


I have given you both option

Understood abouy author refund policy:

You Can Get Solution By Open a Envato Help Ticket