We're removing Envato Credits from Market


I do understand what Envato is trying to do with this system, earn more by encouraging bigger basket. The most obvious problem is with the low priced items. The small fish suffers the most. Just ask the sound effects department.

I have worked in customer service for many years, and I must say the worst part here in this thread is to see how customers are treated or in other words the lack of treatment. Long time loyal customers that are angry, should alarm an intervention in any serious company.

I do support the idea of 1 transaction fee free option at the very minimum, still customers have to relate to valuta conversion and transaction (percent fees) from either Paypa/Skrillex. But if it can solve the paperwork hassle many companies will encounter, then it´s something.


Well by my rough calculation, a loss of $10K a month would be around a 0.1% drop in sales. I can live with that. But if the cost was $20K a month, and they’re losing $100K (1%) to $1M a month (10%)… then it’s a safe bet they’ll want to do something about that.


This sad affair is a perfect example of what happens when the accountants are allowed to make decisions. On paper, Envato may save “x” number of dollars per year. They may even have factored in a “guesstimate” of how many customers they “think” will leave as a result.

Unfortunately, though, the user experience and customer satisfaction have been irreparably damaged, and one can’t put a price on intangibles like those, as any marketing professional will tell you.

Given the way this announcement was bungled from start to finish, it’s safe to assume Envato’s marketing department was not in this particular loop.


Really?? you’re taking a random number example we said to calculate an imaginary drop in sales? the idea, besides numbers, is that as long as Envato is covered, authors sales drop don’t matter…please read the replies in this topic, there’s people that had between 10/40% of sales via credits, and EVERY buyer here that used credits said that they won’t be buying here anymore, so the drop in sales won’t be that imaginary 0.1%. Please, among 579 replies, find one where a buyer that bought with credits says that will now pay the fee and won’t be leaving the marketplace, we’ll wait…


So we’re back to my original point… if there’s a drop of 10 to 40% in sales then you better believe they’ll do something about it quick sharp.


No, as we said in our original post, as long as the total drop is lower than the cost of maintaining the credits system, they couldn’t care less if some authors lose that amount…you’re confusing the drops that individual authors may have in the future (because maybe, for some authors, the drop won’t be significant, but for others, it could be terrible for their business) with total amounts. For an author that, because of this, loses 40% of their business is a tragedy, but as long as Envato is not affected, is just a drop in the sea for them. That’s what we’re saying, the impact that this will have isn’t the same for individual authors that for Envato as a company.


Meanwhile, on other marketplaces, (we won’t say which one to not break the rules) they not only still have the credits choice, but they also entice buyers with free bonus credits for higher purchases, not penalizing them with fees…


If we could get just one I think that would do a lot to mitigate some of the complaints.

I would suggest Paypal - this could even benefit some customers from an accounting perspective. Although not anywhere near ideal as the credit system, at least customers would have a way to load a balance to a Paypal account that multiple employees could use. It also works better from an accounting perspective for larger customers.

Then instead of telling customers who like the credit system for X reasons - “Sorry it’s painful, take a hike, come back or don’t” you can offer a somewhat reasonable alternative.

Envato Credits removal and alternative solutions

Anyone of the payment methods for me is fine. If Envato would be able to do this that would be great! It would be a compromise between buyer and author requests that I personally believe would satisfy all worlds!

Also, if Envato cannot accept Deposits anymore, maybe it’s something legal, maybe it costs a lot, maybe it’s a technical thing, maybe it’s not feasible to keep money from buyers I literally have no idea, but I have an idea that maybe might work?

Why not add Coupons? Non-refundable, 365 day expirable, coupons. Buy 100$ worth of coupons that expire in 1 year, if you add more, the expiry date increases. This way it’s not considered a credit, it’s not considered a deposit. It’s a “purchase coupon”. The money goes into Envato’s pocket as an earning, and not as a credit for the buyer. Basically solves all issues. Should have no issues with laws whatsoever or other technicalities . Basically, buyers would get author funds in their accounts. Like we see cash from earnings, they’d see coupons.

No deposits. No refunds for Coupons, No mix purchasing 50 coupons and $10. Should solve all logistical, legal, technical problems and make buyers really really really happy! :slight_smile: Plus you guys can have offers for this as well. Discounts, extra coupons, get 100 coupons and get an item free, etc etc. Tons of choices, great for marketing.

$1 = 5 Envatoupons ( Envato Coupons ) , so a template would either cost $10 or 50 coupons. ( do whatever sort of irriteration you want with them )

Would solve most problems really quick, including the fact that they’re not named Dollars, they are not a currency, they are not deposited money? It would be tricky to implement at first, but would be pretty much awesome after!

What do you say @jamesgiroux? Are any of these 2 ideas ( this one or the one with 1 payment gate free of fees ) possible? ( just my 2 cents, might not be a great idea, but I’m putting it out there! :smiley: )


@Enabled - You Sir have come up with what I would consider a brilliant solution that solves a problem that keeps everyone happy. I agree that the implementation could be tricky and I would not know about the legality of this if it is indeed financially irregular but it has my vote. Well done to you.


In my humble opinion current changes may discourage part of buyers used to credit system. They may find a problem with a transaction fee payed every single time.

+1 for @Enabled idea. In this scenario I can smell some issues regarding license transfer, though it can work similar as it works in Elements.


Why can’t Envato handle the extra fee?


The real problem here as I see it (long time customer), is that the fees added to the cost make the Envato brand seem dishonest and unhelpful to customers.
No-one wants to feel when they purchase something that they have been fleeced, and the current setup does just that. It would be much better to just raise the prices and incorporate the fees.
As a customer when considering buying something - you just want to know the price, with no complications or extras. We are dealing with digital products here. No shipping fees.
It should be simple.
Also, as all prices are in USD, currency conversion would be helpful, and give a customers at least the feeling that Envato are helpful.
The current system is really BAD for customer relations. I won’t be shopping again.
I think they need to be a bit more careful about their reputation…


Sounds like a good idea to me, if this is easier to maintain than the credit system, why not?

Thanks for chiming in, and yes it´s already proven that customers are VERY unhappy about these changes. I hope as many authors as possible joins this discussion (a line or 2 is more than enough) because it is extremely important, this is not the common authors complaining on the forum discussion. It is authors standing up for customers as well, we all have customers affected don´t we? 0.40 % or 40 % they still need to be taken care of and provided alternative solutions that can work.

They can. They could implement it together with the buyers fee (which is kind of the original transaction fee). This means more work, because they would have to spread the cost fairly customised to the different marketplaces and items, as well as raising some minimum price floor levels. But in the long run this is the best idea I think. As a convenient side effect Envato would earn more as well.

You are absolutely right. We all hope common sense will return eventually. Sorry for your inconvenience.


Exactly!!! I used the buy now option a lot. HOWEVER, I also had credit in my account that I used to pay for the items with the buy now option!!!

Envato already gets money from every buyer from the buyer fee, plus their percentage what they take from the authors, and this extra charge per transaction? smh… Wish there was a better platform out there where I can better contribute to authors themselves.


I emailed Envato about the recent changes, since we as a company can’t work this way in a productive manner as we could in the past. We also used the credit balance in combination with the ‘buy now’ button. We never used any other form of payment. I think the majority of customers handled their purchases this way and I think it’s a straight lie if Envato tells otherwise.
Therefore, and if Envato isn’t reverting back the recent changes, we are forced to leave their service and look for alternatives. Someone, who is actually listening to their loyal customers.


Here we have a loyal customer who, according to his icon info, apparently joined the forum for the sole purpose of expressing his extreme dissatisfaction with the decision to eliminate Credits.

Does Envato have an official statement to this customer and the countless others like him who are not on this forum? Are alternatives being considered?


envato credits removed??? What are the reasons?

  1. I think we all (both autors and customers) should accept the fact, that they will not bring Credits back.
    2 .They are trying to find a way to minimize collateral damage caused by this decision, but they don’t want to loose money.

So I think they’ll just include this fee in the buyer fee, or maybe they’ll make the info about that fee more visible, or whatever. Anyway authors should consider change their prices or review their marketing stragies regarding these new changes. Nothing else can be done about it.


I’m still hoping we get some sort of Coupon System! :slight_smile: