Welcome to the Twilight Zone

When September 1 sales posted last night, a image was listed as having sold that I uploaded on September 15. How is that possible?? I thought I was getting the hang of how to read the Elements dashboard, but apparently not. @BenLeong @KingDog any insight?

Do you own a TARDIS? Just checking because I would love to borrow it :joy:


I can neither confirm nor deny… :smiley:


The dashboard shows item earnings from all subscriptions that began on that specific day - that’s how the subscriber share revenue is calculated, and why we have a 33-day delay (we need to know all possible item licensing from subscriptions started on that day) :slight_smile:

So, “Sep 1” customers will have downloaded items throughout the month - and could have licensed that photo after September 15, as it became available halfway through their subscription period.