Website display

Hi, Just a quick question, on themeforest when browsing through the the themes and some of them have a preview of the theme inside a monitor that scrolls up on hover. Maybe would be easy to give you a link If you scroll down a bit to “Home Layouts” and hover any of those monitors the full website reveals itself.How can I achieve these effects? Is there a plugin in Wordpress or on codecanyon that will allow me to have them? I would like to use these effects on my website its a WP. Thank you, Regards

It’s pure CSS effects, not sure if plug-in exists

Hey Ki-themes, Thank you for your anwser :slight_smile:
Would you be so kind and show me the ropes how to get the css needed? where can I get the css to do those effects? Thank you once again and best regards.

It’s not really hard to find the codes but it seems you have no experience with even small css code changes. I’d rather not to start “helping” because I’ll end-up coding the theme for you. In that case, if you’d like a custom job, I could offer one, otherwise, you should figure it out by yourself - or someone else could help you if you’re lucky

Hi Ki-themes, Thank you for your reply. I was not going to trouble you with coding things for me. Just asked if you could help showing me where to look for the code to do the same effect but some how you got the impression that you have to code the entire theme? Sorry to say but you got it wrong, was just a small help where to copy the css from or at least point me in the right direction. Thank you best regards.