Web Components–based projects

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently finished a very exciting new theme of mine and I’ve submitted it for review on ThemeForest.

It got soft-rejected only because of the fact that it’s not a valid HTML. However, since it is a Web Components based project (Google Polymer to be exact) there is currently no possible way to make it validate, at least not using the current W3C validator.

A while back I’ve read an interview with the creator of the Nu Validator, who after being asked about validating Web Components utilizing HTML files, said that he’ll worry about that once they are widely supported by most browsers, util then, even with the many available polyfills, Web Components based documents will not validate :neutral_face:

What would be my options now?

Is Envato staff going to let non-validating item be sold on ThemeForest, because it is currently impossible to make it validate? Will I have to start it all from scratch and abandon the entire approach, or is there some trick to make it actually validate?

I’m very confused and worried as I don’t really want to waste too much time and effort, but I also don’t want to resubmit without actually changing anything and risk being blocked.

What would be your thoughts on the matter?