Weak Sales!



Hey Guys,
I am suffering from a lack of sales :cold_sweat: … since 5 days, there was no sales :scream: .
Is it tips for boost the sales? :sweat_smile:
Thanks! :grinning:


Tips? :neutral_face:


Times are rough here. Newsletters, social media and giveaways (not with exclusive items) are your best bet if you have not already done so. Envato’s suggestion is always to simply create more stuff [to get you on the home page for maybe a day, thus bringing some traffic to your items]. Unfortuenaltey the truth of the matter is: if you’re not on the popular page, your item will continue to bring in sales for a max of ~3 months. After that it’s time to remove it and restart… but there’s a catch. If you’re on ThemeForest, with the new support packs, you have to keep your item for at least 6 months more from the day you state you don’t support your item.


3 months!

On AJ it’s 3 days…



I have some music/audio giveaways on my website and I’m still producing more, but I don’t have large community to advertise this, I could make a lot of free files, but how to show this to the people from envato market (especially videohive authors), I think I can’t advertise here my website, so I’m still trying twitter, facebook and soundcloud, but the results are poor, anyways I wish all of you many many sales, best regards, Marcin Klosowski


Not exactly true, I have one item which is 8 months old and it brings me around 200-300 $ / month, and I’m not the popular page


Right, it’s possible to have long-term niche items that continually outsells the new items in the same search scope.


I wouldn’t say that 200-300 a month justifies the cost of updates and support for that item though. Would you?


It justifies for me. It’s very cheap to live in in my country :smile: