We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward


why my html theme is rejected. what’s the problem, it’s look like 90% of the themes in theme forest.

My Portfolio: http://toumi.bitballoon.com/


Print screen from my laptop. Don’t look even close to ok :slight_smile: You should test your work on multiple computers and on multiple browsers.

I hope this help you to understand hard rejection.


i tested the site in multiple browsers , but i can’t test it in multiple computer :confused:

i don’t know why you have this problem ! :frowning:


Then just ask some of your friends to check it for you) :wink:


They are clamping down on these basic resume templates as there are already too many for sale.

This one:

  • typography needs a lot of work esp hierarchy

  • needs several new features and functionality

  • no project or blog post pages makes it feel unfinished

  • inconsistencies in spacing and alignment

  • no proper footer

  • no social links


I am new to this field if someone can help me improve I would not refuse