we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

Hi Envato Team!

I recently upload HTML Template “Fossil - Personal Portfolio” but it rejected and the reason says “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” can you please let us know what are the errors or issues that our HTML template was rejected? We will fix the errors and we will be careful next time to avoid these types of error.

Our Demo Link: http://muhammadrehman.com/usman/portfolio/


With respect this is miles from the standard and you need to take time to examine what’s already for sale. What works. The expected standards and detail.

The fundamentals here with typography, spacing and hierarchy all need work

There are several mobile performance problems

There are avoidable validation issues

The site needs a lot more premium functionality, attention to detail and features

HI there!

Thanks for your feedback. need your small help if I make the following things

  1. fix typography, spacing & hierarchy

  2. fix validation thing

  3. Add more features

so can I re-upload this template again? is this enough or I need something more to do?

Demo Link: http://muhammadrehman.com/usman/portfolio/

Once hard rejected you will need to make sufficient changes to make it effectively a new template before you would be able to re-upload it.

This one-page resume type site is stupidly over-done here and less and less are getting approved as most have pretty much zero sales. You would be much better off taking the time to consider something more unique with more to it