nfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

After 24 days of review today Envato sent me a message that said my theme rejected because it didn’t pass quality test.
So this is my HTML/CSS theme I don’t know what wrong in my code quality.

With respect, you are way off the standard for here.

  • Fundamentals of typography, visual hierarchy, spacing, margins etc. all need a lot of work

  • Design does not really feel very premium

  • Do you have permission to use the ios UI kit in the preview? Pretty sure the actress image would need to go

  • There’s not really any unique features or elements on the main page and the execution of what is there could be vastly improved

  • Thre’s zero styling on the example page

  • scroll issues on the contact page

I’d strongly suggest looking at the app tmepaltes already for sale and understanidng the detail, versatility etc. that goes ino them

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