Watermarked intro

This “television” have used @alkis Floating Particles Logo Short for every video. And everytime you can clearly hear aj watermark. :rage::rage::rage:


Did you write to alkis?

He will get notification

Thanks for flagging this up. Has anyone ever had to deal with this? I’m not sure just writing to them via email will fix anything.

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There is a chance they just forgot to replace preview with properly licensed file. I think you should contact them before taking any legal actions))

@Theo_Sound Dude, It’s not hard to notice that preview version is different than their final product, I think they tried to cover the watermark with EQ or something. :rage:


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It very well could. At least you should try. If it doesn’t work, then you’ll have to try something else. But first, send them an email. You could say something like: “Hello, It’s been brought to my attention that you’ve been using a watermarked version of my music, which is a violation of Envato’s terms. Can you guys provide me with the license(s) to the audio used, so I can make sure everything is order. Thanks”. Or something along those lines. Then see what they reply and act accordingly.

Yes - or they bought it from fiverr, where a lot of my tracks are being used unlicensed. Which I’ll fix in the new few weeks.

Indeed - I agree with you. I’ll start with that of course. Simplicity and kindness is key in these situations as a first step, it works most times.

if you use adrev, you can submit all the links to try to monetize them videos

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I think maybe they reversed the phase of a watermark and bounced it with the preview. Because yeah, it’s obviously altered from a preview/ I didn’t noticed at first glance.

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Thanks, yeah I’ve read about adrev. I prefer not to for now, since you can later on not remove your tracks from adrev and that concerns me quite a bit. Have you used it? Are you happy with it?

I am happy with it, I am from a 3rd world country where cashing PRO is almost impossible. So AdRev brings some bucks home.
I am pretty sure you can remove your tracks from their library, I believe it was spoken in the forums. You just send a mail to them asking to remove them.
But if you don’t have an account already, is going to be difficult to do something. Some people said it is closed for royalty free authors.

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