Was not included to the top of new authors

Hi, guys! I considered being accepted to the top of new authors for February 2021, but something went wrong. Account was created late December 2020. First item approval was 11 January 2021. So I had no chances for January top, but February sales could allow me to be in Feb top. How does it works? And what did i understand wrong? Thanks!

Have a good day for everybody!

Hi, I think you’re only able to become top new authors in either your first month as a author or the first month with items in your portfolio.

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Yes, you’re only eligible for the month during which you had your first item approved.

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Thanks for your replies. As I understand, the top is formed by 1st day of the month and there is no way to get there if the first track was accepted after. It turns out that I chose the wrong time to enter the marketplace and due to circumstances beyond my control I could not get there even if I was a topseller. Pity, but ok. Will continue to work hard to reach the next goal :blush: