How the author can become a top new author?

Hello, tell me how the author can become a top new author?
My first track was approved on October 26th and until November 26th I had 24 sales.
I’ve been surfing top new author’s profiles and noticed that most of them have about 15 sales and some of them even about 9.
According to what criteria they get ranked?

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for example you uploaded the track on 20 October , and if he is gaining a lot of sales it is exactly a month until December 20 !!! When it takes a month that this track already is the top new track )))

in other words the more sales the better !!!
he will move to the first places !!!

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To have been eligible for top new authors your first approval had to be in November. So you missed out by uploading at the end of October, I’m afraid.

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you mean December or November?

If you are right, I think this rule is not relevant :slight_smile: cause the time of the track review is not defined, so new authors can’t predict when their first items will be approved…